Gas And Electric Safety Checks

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For the average DIYer things become much more confusing as from 2006, brand new a colour scheme has been introduced for cabling.

The tints for the real time and wires that are neutral electrical cables are changing from red to brown and black to blue. This will be now just like the wires in flexible leads to appliances that are portable.

As from 31 March 2006, all brand new wiring must maintain the brand new tints.

Why have actually the rules been introduced? The key for the guidelines would be to lessen the amount of fatalities, accidents and fires due to defective installations that are electrical. It's also meant to make it harder for 'cowboy builders' to go out of electrical installations in an condition that is unsafe.

You run the risk that if you do not follow the regulations:

The installation that is electrical never be safe.

You will have no record regarding the work done.
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Component P is merely the title for the group of laws for domestic electricians that relate solely to electrical safety in domestic properties. If an electrician is registered with a government authorized authority for instance the NICEIC, this means the electrician can test and approve his own work. Each year by going through a rigorous inspection of our recent work at F.E.S Electrical we are an Approved member of the NICEIC and we have been assessed for our competence.

These laws are there for the protection and safety of customers. Electrical work which falls underneath the scope of Part P needs to be tested and inspected to standards that are clear make sure its safety. Only a component P electrician can issue certificates if they're registered aided by the NICEIC etc. Merely attending a course and becoming qualified is not sufficient, he must then submit an application for membership because of the NICEIC.

Part P was introduced in 2005 to try and reduce steadily the a large number of accidents every year from poor work that is electrical. This system shall just work if clients put it to use.

Just how can the cowboys are avoided by you?

Constantly ask to see an electricians skills.
Always ask to see an electricians NICEIC documents.
Constantly ask to see an electricians insurance coverage documents.
A CHAS accredited electrician, this means they have an excellent health and safety record if possible use.